Friday, March 26, 2010

Easter-citing news!

Decorate you very own easter egg. Get your own easter egg at the mystery or furniture store.
And buy decorations at the easter egg machine!

Shopping Made Easier!

There has been new changes in town! Check out the new shops and the new browse departments.
These new browse departments make shopping easier. It's now organized. It separates the new items from the old ones and separates the bedroom stuff from the living room stuff. And it separates the girl stuff from the boy stuff so you won't have to get dizzy! Try it now!
click on the link to check your pet society now!

Have an easier and happy shopping.

Gone Easter Fishing

10 Easter themed fish to collect this week. Including the Chocolate Egg fish. Collect them all!

The list of Pet Society Easter fish include the following: Lamb fish, Chick fish, Chocolate Egg fish, Lily fish, Daffodil fish, Bunny fish, Red Tulip fish, Easter Ribbon fish, Pink Egg fish and Blue Egg fish. We want to cuddle with the Bunny fish and would be tempted to take a bit out of that chocolate fish — doesn’t it look scrumptious?

PS: They are all caught by the Easter fish biscuit. Get one now, only for 4 playfish cash.

The Great Hideeni

Finding the Great Hideeni, a mysterious solid black animal in costume who claims to be an expert at Hide and Seek, in your house, a friend’s house or in a Shop gives the player an opportunity to send a special gift to his or her friends. In Facebook, the availability of a gift is posted to a player’s news feed where his or her friends can see it and click a link to claim the gift. Gifts are available to the first three friends who click to claim them; any friends thereafter get a message telling them that all the gifts have been claimed and keep looking for another gift post soon.

In October of 2009, The Great Hideeni donned a yellow chicken costume and gave out Cute Puppy Plushies. At the start of Thanksgiving, he changed into a turkey costume and gave out Cute Squirrel Plushies. In December, he kept the same costume from Thanksgiving, but now gave out Cute Reindeer Plushies. During the Valentine’s season of 2010, he gave Long Stem Roses, available in 12 different colors (dark purple, light purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, peach, pink, red, deep fuchsia, white and black), while wearing a pink tiger costume.And now he is dressed as the easter bunny and is giving out some eggs. There are 14 eggs in total and the rainbow, mosaic and golden eggs are supposedly the rarest. Remember every even or season the great hideeni changes it’s costume and find out what he will give this time.

Level UP

Earning a certain number of paw points makes the pet level up, in order to gain some coins, new features and special status. When originally release there were only 34. After houses were enlarged to accommodate ten rooms, an additional 13 levels were added bringing the total to 47. Currently, Pet Society has undergone some major changes, including Paw Point Changes. Now, your points will be reset after each level. Nobody is sure of how many paw points needed right now, as paw points are hard to earn now. The prizes are still the same though.

Level Level Name Paw Points Reward

1 Getting Started0 N/A
2 New Arrival20 Basic Ball
3 Learner50 House with two rooms, Basic Frisbee
4 Playful pet100 Basic Skipping Rope
5 Fresh Face250 House with three rooms, Portable TV
6 Promising Prospect500 Better Soap
7 One To Watch750 Better Ball
8 Growing Talent1,000 Better Brush
9 High Achiever1,500 Better Frisbee
10 Popular Pet2,000 Better Skipping Rope, Second Garden
11 Influential Pet2,500 House with four rooms, Digital TV
12 Rising Star3,000 Super Soap
13 Established Presence3,500 Super Ball
14 Society Stalwart4,000 Super Brush
15 Famous Pet4,500 Super Frisbee
16 Media Darling5,000 Super Skipping Rope
17 High Profile Pet6,000 House with five rooms, Plasma TV
18 VIP Pet7,000 Lovely Soap
19 Celebrity Pet8,000 Golden Ball
20 It Pet9,000 Golden Brush
21 A-List Pet10,000 Golden Frisbee
22 Renowned Pet11,000 Golden Skipping Rope
23 Superstar Pet12,000 House with six rooms
24 Hollywood Pet14,000 Aqua Soap
25 Megastar Pet18,000 Pro Ball
26 Platinum Pet24,000 Crystal Brush
27 Uberstar Pet32,000 Star Frisbee
28 Ultimate Achiever42,000 Expert Skipping Rope
29 Superb Pet54,000 House with seven rooms
30 Heroic Pet68,000 Golden Star Soap
31 Royal Pet84,000 Crystal Ball
32 Historic Pet102,000 Ruby Brush
33 Super Pet122,000 Gem Frisbee
34 All-Time Great144,000 Star Skipping Rope
35 Ultimate Pet166,000 House with eight rooms
36 Ruby Renowned Pet188,000 Heart Soap
37 Ruby Superstar Pet210,000 Ruby Ball
38 Ruby Hollywood Pet232,000 Sapphire Brush
39 Ruby Megastar Pet254,000 Sapphire Frisbee
40 Ruby Platinum Pet276,000 Ruby Skipping Rope
41 Ruby Uberstar Pet298,000 House with nine rooms
42 Ruby Ultimate Achiever Pet310,000 Sapphire Heart Soap
43 Ruby Superb Pet332,000 Sapphire Ball
44 Ruby Heroic Pet354,000 Rainbow Brush
45 Ruby Royal Pet376,000 Rainbow Frisbee
46 Ruby Historic Pet398,000 Sapphire Skipping Rope
47 Ruby Super Pet420,000 House with ten rooms


The first update of February, 2010, brought a new feature to players: petlings. Petlings are small bundles of fluff that grow up to become either cats or dogs. Kittens are first available at level 5 and cost 1,000 coins; puppies are available at level 10 and cost 1,200 coins. You can only raise one petling (from fluff-stage to adulthood) at a time, and they need to be fed daily. Once you purchase a petling from the Garden Center, it goes into your inventory; at home, you can pull your petling out of your inventory and release it into any room of your house. A box will come up, asking you to name your new petling; names cannot be changed once they're entered as of this time.

Petlings come in several different colors (black, white, blue, grey, light brown, brown, dark brown and pink), with a variety of different appendages to make each petling almost unique. Eyes, ears, tails and legs can all vary from petling to petling. The second update of February introduced colored biscuits (which cost 2 PF cash) that you could feed your petling to change its color, with each biscuit colored to correspond to the color your petling would become upon eating. Currently, there's no way to customize your petling's appearance otherwise.

Cats and dogs eat different things--cats will request either Salami (20 coins), Ebi Sushi (30 coins), Milk (75 coins) or Strawberry Milk (45 coins), while dogs request a Tamago Sushi (20 coins), Rare Steak (30 coins), Sandwich (20 coins) or Bone (100 coins). When your petling is hungry, a bubble will appear over its head, featuring one of the foods it eats. You can feed the petling any food item in your inventory, but only the food the petling is requesting will satisfy it. If your petling goes for three days without food, it will run away. Once your petling has run away, you can either pay a coin fee to have it retrieved, or post a status update to your Facebook feed to have your friends find it for you. Putting your petling into your inventory does not prevent it from running away.

Once your petling has grown into adulthood, you're then able to buy another petling. As of this writing, you're limited to owning five petlings at any given time, regardless of species. Once a petling has reached adulthood, you have the option of selling it for 333 coins. Petlings are not recyclable.

The third update of February introduced a third variety of petling: a tiger. The tiger petling could be purchased from either the Garden Center or the Cash Shop for 25 PF cash, and was raised in much the same way as the cat and dog petlings. (10% of the purchase price of PF cash items in the WWF collection, including the tiger petling, went to benefit the WWF.) The tiger petling eats Ebi Sushi (30 coins), Rare Steak (30 coins), Chicken Drumstick (100 coins) and Lamb Shank (20 coins). Included in this update was a seventh color-changing biscuit: orange.

The update of February brought a fourth petling breed: a coyote. The coyote petling could be purchased in the Garden Center for 2,000 coins, and had the same diet as the tiger. This update also introduced petling beds--baskets for your petlings to sleep in. Petlings largely ignored these baskets, but they were nice decorations.

On March 8th, Playfish released lion petlings that cost 2,500 coins. The lion ate the same things as coyote and tiger. Updates included random fur and eye colors now for the lion, coyote and the tiger.

The last update of March gave players a chance to buy a baby lamb for 20 PF Cash.